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tv   Action News at 500 AM  ABC  February 5, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EST

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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region you have the power to do more. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, february 5. accuweather is tracking an arctic front that's bringing snow showers to the area and a blast of frigid air. >> developing this morning a minivan burst into flames and philadelphia police are calling it suspicious. >> a health insurance giant
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said hassers have stolen millions of information of thousands of people. >> reporter: let's go oats to david murphy. >> reporter: we have snow showers in allentown and changeover to wet snow and sleet is possible back toward harrisburg where it might be all rain. the question is how together this can maintain itself by the time it gets to i-95. we're not sure philadelphia will get anything more than flurries, if you encounter any of this, especially snow, you could encounter a slick road surface is not out of the question. if you pick upment light stuff slow it down. 36 in degrees in philadelphia.
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winds are turning out of the north so we're colder in the northern and western suburbs and these numbers in the i-95 corridor will drop over the next couple of hours. the winds turning out of the northwestly in the northern and western areas. calmer in philadelphia, but the cooler air on its way in today and dropping the numbers. it's not quite tgif, but we're jumping the gun. by 8:00 a.m. 31, 30 by noon, look at how we go into the 20s. any snow showers are done fairly early this morning but the story this afternoon will be dropping temperatures and winds picking up and windchills by dinnertime and single digits. >> reporter: it's better than tgif, it's tgit. david lab talking about the snow showers, we're here in chalfonte we're dry 202 parkway at bristol road no problems, traffic moving fine. if you're driving around the
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lehigh valley expect slick spots as we are seeing snowfall and icing mix in allentown and snow near reading getting sleet, as well. on the big picture watch for downed tree and downed wires use old gulph road. we have a house fire with crews on the scene. you can see the flashing lights, chester, delaware county look for it on engle street between 12th and 13. so far so good as far as the roads. no accidents to report just yet tam. >> that's good. let's head over to to "action news" reporter, eva pilgrim live along the parkway. taking a look at things there. good morning eva. >> reporter: good morning, tam we're waiting and watching to see what mother nature brings our way. we're here with parked penndot
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trucks who are always -- also waiting. they are waiting to put down the salt on the roads. they are camped out at schuylkill expressway and city avenue. this morning traffic is moving at its normal speed there's no rain or anything at this area at this hour, we'll keep an eye on it this morning we'll send it back to you, eva pilgrim channel 6 "action news." >> a minivan erupted in flames in the city's frankford neighborhood, investigators are calling it suspicious you'll you'll see why. the fire started along penn street east chatten ham avenue at 2:30. investigators found a gasoline tank nearby, nobody was hurt. >> police say a teen from west philadelphia lost his life when the tables turned on him during a robbery. 18-year-old tyler williams was shot and killed while trying to
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rob a 67-year-old man out in upper darby. the man walking in cobbs creek park near church lane. the masked teen ran up to the man with the gun and a struggle ensued. the man pulled out his own weapon and fired one shot striking the attempted robber in the head killing him. >> he was upset, i told him pointblank you did what you had to do as far as i'm concerned i don't see any criminal charges for the coming. >> reporter: the 67-year-old man was treated at the hospital for chest pains. >> it is 5:05, the judge threw the book at a philadelphia police officer turned criminal, the judge said he should have never been a cop. jonathan garcia was sended to 17 years yesterday. his partner and garcia admitted
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to selling heroin. a pilot of trans aaron -- trans asia flight said may day may day engine flameout. the plane plunged into the river on tuesday. it is believed they were trying to avoid striking highrise buildings in taipei. 31 people on board were killed, 15 injured. the search continues for 1 people who are still missing. >> happening today pennsylvania governor tom wolf will outline his leforts -- efforts to cut government costs. he plans to discuss government efficient measures. >> efficient is good, especially when it comes to the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: that's right, we have snow showers in the northern suburbs that's the big
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thing happening right now. as you take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan it's all up north at this point. as we go in closer, reading has a changeover to wet snow or sleet pellets. it's more or less pushing toward the i-95 corridor at this point. the question is how far south it will able to make before it falls apart. for now it's all snow in hamburg, northern berks county, the same and reading in the changeover zone. if you're riding along slow it down, because it could put down a quick coating. it may breakdown to flurries as it gets down into philadelphia. anybody who sees the snow showers slows it down. as we look outside we have cloudy skies over philadelphia in advance of possible flurries and snow shower. temperatures are above freezing, 36 degrees, the winds are calm most of us these numbers are going to change dramatically as we go through later in the day and this afternoon. more on that coming up.
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in terms of. snow showers this morning future tracker 6 not pushing these very far south maybe the northern and western suburbs northern bucks county. maybe a couple of break away snow showers make it through. in all likelihood it will not be that bad in and around here. it's light stuff slow it down as you see it. temperatures crash we get rid of the chance of snow showers early in the morning. 11:00, 31. after that we'll see the winds turn out of the northwest. 28 degrees by 2:00 p.m. and 24 by 5:00 p.m. at the same time the winds will really pick up, windchills will become a factor. as we go into the noon hour, the windchill will make it feel like the teens in most neighborhoods and by the dinner hour we'll be in the single digit windchills across the region.
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not all that uncomfortable right now, once we get past the morning rush hour, watch the winds pick up and the comfort factor go down. we'll have cold air to the north an milder air to the south and weak waves of low pressure riding through the region on sunday. light rain to the south and light snow to the north and sleet mixed in at times in the middle that's a messy sunday for you. 20s today that's where you will be this afternoon with temperatures falling. brisk and cold tomorrow, 33. a break an saturday, high of 44. 40 on sunday, light rain and perhaps a mix and snow especially the farther north you go through the day on sunday. monday that system is not out of here and could develop a coastal low. that could bring us steadier rain or perhaps snow on monday. it depends on how things getting together and whether or not we get a strong low off the coast and where the cold air is at that place. monday could be a precipitation
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making day. bullets fly outside a maryland high school while a basketball game was being played inside. >> an australian journalist held captive for 400 days in egypt is back home and talking about that ordeal. >> reporter: we're dry in the at tacony section of the city, no problems, what's it look like in chester county? we'll take you there live when "action news" comes right back.
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>> 5:12, good morning everyone, it is thursday, mobile 6 is driving so you don't have to. it is taking a live look there at the boulevard. >> let's look at the roads around the region and go over to karen rogers.
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>> reporter: good morning. so far so good, we're looking at a icy mix in you're driving in the lehigh valley. in exton chester county. we're dry and clear route 100 at commerce drive no problems right now. lower merion, williamson road is closed between dove lake road and that's because of a downed tree. construction on the turnpike between willow grove and the bensalem is blocking the right lane. we're looking at the waze app i'm looking at areas north and west, we have people talking about potholes on the roads black rock road in phoenixville, more and more members of our 6abc team. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing us we're dry in the i-95
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corridor, so we have no problems there. south jersey delaware, you're looking good. the farther north and west you go, we have snowshowers starting to mix with sleet here, this is in reading, 422 starting to get on 322 not not a quite at honeybrook yet. route 100 in pottstown if you're traveling route 1 you'll hit the snow. it's not quite in quakertown, but it will be it's heading in that direction. >> this is new this morning fradges -- france is trying to determine if the woman released in the isis video is hayat boumeddiene. the woman they think could be her is seen on the right is holding a weapon. the isis fighter praises the paris attack in the video. a shooting outside a high school in maryland left two
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students injured. it happened at the frederick high school. the student happened near a gym where the basketball game was underway. both teens are expected to survive. happening today, the movie american sniper is blockbuster now jury selection starts for the person accused of killing chris kyle. eddie ray ruth is accused of gunning down kyle and another man on a gun range. kyle went to the range to help him copy with ptsd. ruth's attorney said he intends to plead not guilty by reason of insanity. reporter is back home after spending 400 days behind bars in
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egypt. officials never provided concrete evidence of the charges. he said yesterday he discussed the prospect of an early release with his jailed colleagues. >> after 400 days in prison with these guys we're very close. it was very difficult to leave them behind. >> he said he believes the other two journalists will be released soon. >> up next, another massive security breach this time at the country's second largest health insurance company. >> breast cancer is no longer the top killer of woman in elt wealthy nations. >> reporter: the this afternoon i'm adding a scarf because winds pick up and we'll have severe windchills later on. i'll have the day planner
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forecast and get you to the airport next.
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>> police in fort worth texas went to great effort to rescue a dog in the middle of a highway. two officers were driving when they noticed the dog wanders around. the dog is available for adoption at the humane society. >> nice to harry it. >> i hope someone brings him home. >> let's take a look outside in delaware county. this is the blue route at i-95 traffic is moving fine right here, you can see the roads are clear and dry in delaware county. no problems, no showers in the lehigh valley and not seeing any of them near the rest of the region. 42 at creek road. no issues in turnersville, blackwood or deptford. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan karen tells us we're looking at precipitation in the north and west. the snow showers past allentown
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and in northern bucks county, they might survive in these areas. in reading we're looking for a changeover there sweat snow or sleet mixing in. as you encounter this, as it tries to push toward philadelphia for the morning rush hour. there's a question whether it will make it down here. flurries over i-95 over the next 24 hours. if you're dressing the kids bundle them up. temperatures will drop. 30 at noon, 22 by 6:00 p.m. 6:00 p.m., strong, blustery winds giving us windchills in the single digits. we have rain in the southeast and snow showers in the northwest. at the airport no major delays, but we're showing rain in orlando. on "healthcheck" we have a special report about helping kids get enough sleep. more than half of the school age
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kids are not getting enough shut eye and that means cranky monsters the next day. >> reporter: researchers are going in depth tracking kids sleeping habits and what it means to get enough sleep. and one family is seeing the difference. highly -- i'll show you how the strategies work tonight on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. lung cancer has surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of death in women in wealthier countries. lung cancer has been the top killer of men globally since 1950s. cancers are preventible by not smoking and eating a healthy
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diet. >> reporter: topping america's money a major hack attack. >> hackers broke into database getting social security numbers the fbi is on the case. >> the fast casual restaurant craze is growing. cracker barrel is cashing in. cracker barrel fast casual kept will debut next july. >> in just over a week, 50 shades of gray will hit movie theaters. the movie ticket company said hundreds of showings are somed somed -- sold out. >> that's pretty popular. >> will you be there opening weekend? >> reporter: i don't know.
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>> that's sounds like a yes. >> hear how a barrier -- barber is using his clippers so discipline his son. >>
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with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless. >> hello, philadelphia international airport, that's live on sky 6. 39 degrees city avenue. nice and clear no precipitation
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in the immediate philadelphia area, but we're tracking to show up to the north and west. >> a soda staple of the lehigh valley has gone out of business, but hopes of revival has not yet fallen flat. a-treat soda has been around for 97 years. the allentown company says it is in the middle of confidential meetings. people very buying the leftover sodas wherever they can some are selling on ebay for $0 a case. >> a haircut has become controversial. this is going on in georgia. a barber's own son was having trouble in school. he gave him the benjamin button haircut. he consults the hair to look like an old man.
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a mother came in and said i want that for my son, he is having trouble. some parents say it's a great idea. others say it is emotional eabuse, he said he is going to keep offering as long as parents cannot want to come in and want it. he said his son answer grades did go up. >> he said it's effective. 35:27 we -- 5:27 we have more news you didn't see last night. smoke and flames force a family out of their home. a man said he was detained for hours at the airport and now he is taking the tsa and the city to court. we'll be right back.
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>> right now on "action news," penndot trucks are ready for any snow showers that may appear today and accuweather is tracking a steep dive in temperatures later today. >> new information is coming
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out about what the pilot of the domed trans asia flight may have done before the crash that saved lives. >>ment powerball jackpot has been building since december and it reached it's highest point in more than a year. >> good morning everybody david murphy and karen have weather and traffic. >> reporter: we had snow showers popping down from the northern and western suburbs. allentown is starting to see this, as well. we're seeing the light snow creep across the montgomery county border and push into northern bucks, as well. there's a question how far south it will maintain it's current organize. we have flurries in philadelphia in the next couple of hours. if you're caught underneath this, you want to take it slow, it's enough to put down a quick coating and make things slippery.


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